Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Music of the Month: Ska

I thought of this new idea: Music of the Month. I'll post a genre of music every month and give links to different songs in that genre.
So...I'm going to start off with my favorite type of music: Ska.
Ska is a very fun, unique kind of music. It started off in the 50's in Jamaica and led to the birth of reggae. (I'm going to stick with modern ska music)

Here's some songs!
This one you may have heard on the radio, Sell Out by Reel Big Fish. Its probably one of the most well known modern ska songs

This is a great ska cover by an early 90's band called Save Ferris of Come on Eileen by the 80's band Dexy's Midnight Runners.

This band, Catch 22 is also a 90's band, and In my opinion is one of the best ska bands ever (but only their 1st album Keasbey Nights!) this is 9mm and a Three Piece suit

I'll post another song with every other post I make


  1. everytime i hear ska music, i want to go out and like do stupid stuff jackass style or snowboard. snowboard season is almost here yeaaaaaaa

  2. I enjoyed your point of view in this post

  3. Im embarrased to say this but I only just recently found out about a genre of music called "ska" :/

  4. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  5. reel big fish is the sh*t... don't believe me.. they used it in the 2008 Olympics, somebody must like it.. :/

  6. Ska, meh... It's fun to listen one song, but after a few it gets on my nerves :p